Living Free Training Seminar


Introducing: Living Free Training Webinar - Via Video Conferencing. 20 September - 18 October. 10 Hours of Training (2 hours per week for 5 weeks)


Introducing: Living Free Training Webinar - Via Video Conferencing. 20 September - 18 October. 10 Hours of Training (2 hours per week for 5 weeks)

Who should attend:
Introduction to Living Free

  • Anyone interested to learn more about how to help people struggling with life- controlling problems.

Facilitator/Group Leader Certification

  • Anyone who would like to know more about Living Free and how they can get involved in helping people overcome life-controlling problems. No Experience Required. Certification for Facilitating/Leading Living Free Support Groups.

Faculty Certification

  • Anyone who has interest in teaching people how to develop a Living Free non-residential support group ministry in their church and/or community. Prerequisite for Faculty Certification: Experience in Facilitating at least two different Living Free groups.

Required Hours: 10 Hours of Training (2 hours per week for 5 weeks)

Available 2018 Dates:

20 September - 18 October

Day of the Week: Thursdays

Time: 1:30PM(1330) to 3:30PM(1530) Eastern Standard Time(NYC Time)


Available only in English (Will accommodate time for Translation)


Book Required:

Living Free Participate Guide - for the Living Free Introduction and Facilitator Training

Living Free Coordinator’s Guide for those interested in teaching the Living Free Seminar (Will be assigned a lesson to teach)

Available Free download for Leaders outside the United States after registration.


US participants may purchase a copy of the Participants Guide at:

Coordinator’s Guide at:


Registration (Limited to 25 Seats):


International Participants: No Cost for those outside the US, but a donation of $30 or more is suggested. Secure donations can be made at 

All International Registrants, please email us at to request your seat in the training.

US Residents - $30 Registration at the following link: 

Prior to start of training: If you have not attended a Living Free Seminar, please view the Living Free Training Videos following along in the Living Free Coordinator’s Guide to become more familiar with LF. Read “Selected Readings” in preparation for the training. Available after registration.


For Living Free Faculty Certification:

This Webinar training is one of the requirements for Living Free Faculty Certification. Other requirements include reading 3 books(Titles available upon request and depends on availability for International participants) giving one page summaries of the books, taking an open-book exam and providing Living Free with a short video of the participant teaching a segment of the LF Seminar or Co-teaching a LF Seminar with a current LF Staff Member or Faculty Member.


These requirements will be discussed during the webinar. All participants seeking Living Free Faculty Certification will have one year from the date of the webinar to complete all requirements. Extensions available upon request.


Recommended to attend in consecutive sessions.

Registration Ends 10 days prior to first week of training.

Limited to 25 Seats


Please let us know if you have any questions.


God bless,

Greg and the Living Free Team