Teen Challenge in Germany (TCD) is a non-profit, and interdenominational faith-based organization with 14 locations. TCD works with people in need; especially addicts and those who are mentally ill.


Through our work we want to contribute to enabling people to live free. We help:

  • addicted and mentally ill people, as well as those with other serious, life-controlling problems.
  • children and adolescents who suffer from addiction.
  • people who are continuously weakened by their addiction or mental problems, are who need a stabile environment.

There are 5 Teen Challenge Residential Therapy Houses that provide help for people with life-controlling problems in order to be able to handle their daily lives responsibly. The target group mainly includes addicted and mentally ill men and women (separate locations). The assistence provided is based on the Christian concept of Teen Challenge. The belief in the God of the Bible and his/her own desire for change plays a key role. All employees of TCD are committed Christians who strive to be role models and good consultants for all clients.
TCD also offers outreach street work projects, counseling services and psychological help for those in need.

Click here to read Teen Challenge Emsland's latest newsletter - in German (Summer 2019)

Contact Information
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Teen Challenge in Deutschland e.V.
Westweg 61
26907 Walchum

Phone: +49(0)5939 / 9599179
Cell phone: +49(0)173 / 8579540
Facebook: TeenChallengeInDeutschland

Videos from TC Germany: Emsland and Gutes Land

In October, two centers from TC Germany have uploaded a video about the work they do. These TC centers are located in Emsland and in Gutes Land. The videos are in German, but even if you don't understand this language, they give a good impression of the work Teen Challenge does in Germany. We hope you enjoy these videos.

Book release: Set Into Life

Back in 2008 Bettina Ratering from TC Germany published her autobiography in her native language, German. Now her book is available in English! It's called 'Set Into Life'.

Testimonies from TC Emsland

Teen Challenge Emsland's latest newsletter is here. The newsletter is in German, but the testimonies are now available in English. May these stories of God's grace be a blessing to you!

Month of celebrations for TC in Germany

The month of June is a month of many celebrations for Teen Challenge in Germany. Three centers are having a special anniversary.

Hasselbrock center celebrates 25 years

This year, the "Hasselbrock" center in Germany celebrates 25 years.

Gutes Land center celebrates 35 years

This year marks 35 years for the "Gutes Land" center in Germany.