Teen Challenge Israel was established in 2007 as a response to the urgent need among addicts in Israel. Their goal is to help those bound by life-controlling problems to find hope, freedom and change.

In their approach, Teen Challenge Israel make use of the “Total Person” concept, which means that every aspect of a person is taken into consideration – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social and educational. They know that community involvement and support is an essential component of this approach and that is necessary to provide services that address the specific needs of the communities involved. Their purpose is to help existing rehabilitation and community centers. Start new rehabilitation and community centers. Be available. Be supportive. Be encouraging. Be of practical help. Create a holistic resource of assistance.

Their existing work
TC Israel is organizing and holding training seminars for congregations and individuals that are involved in helping people struggling with life-controlling problems. These seminars are held in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian. Their goal is to equip those that are helping others, by sharing our experience through materials used by Global Teen Challenge, such as Living Free, Group Studies and Personal Studies for new believers, together with ideas, thoughts and experiences from working with the lost in rehabilitation programs. They are trying to create a platform for the existing centers in order to build connections and support for one another. Community centers (Living Free) is one of the practical ways to help people through personal contact and support. They want to help as many people in need as possible. At the moment their aim is to encourage daily community centers, where through use of the Living Free materials and practical help of volunteers a helping hand is offered to a higher number of people that are in need and seeking.

Ladies' home The Ark in the Negev
At the moment they are running a ladies’ home in the south of Israel, where women and their children may find a safe place and environment for as long as they need. They are committed to enabling and equipping those we serve to find freedom from addictive behavior, to become socially and emotionally healthy, physically well and spiritually alive. Through God’s grace, they are open to those struggling, and their hearts are being healed! To learn more about the center visit:

Contact Information
Teen Challenge Israel

PO Box 330
Jerusalem 91 000

Phone: +972 586 755 875
Fax: +375 163 578272