Teen Challenge Poland was established in 1988 when they opened their first rehabilitation center. The task of Teen Challenge Poland is the overall care of addicts, from the moment of first contact on the streets until they return to society.

The beginning: rehabilitaton center
The idea of starting the first facility for addicts emerged in a group of people related to the Pentecostal Church. Theey were confronted with the problems of addiction. Most of the addicts needed a long time therapy with a mental training, to become physically well and spiritually alive through the transforming power of Jesus. During this time no such program existed in Poland. They started by modeling existing centers in Western Europe, particularly Germany and the Netherlands. The staff at the center recieved training to succesfully run the center.

Coffee House and re-entry
After many years Teen Challenge Poland realized they had to expand their care. For the first contact with the addicts at the street they opened consultation points and "Coffee Houses".
After the therapy many drugs and alcohol addicts need continuous help for a safe transition into society, and support to find a job, suitable housing and maintaining healthy habits. These people can go to the re-entry.
All these activities and programs created the Association of Christian Social Mission "Teen Challenge", whose task is the overall care of addicts, from the moment of first contact until they return to society.

Contact Information
Teen Challenge Poland

Broczyna 11
77-203 Dretyń

E-mail: biuro@teenchallenge.pl / sekretariat@teenchallenge.pl
Phone: +48 59 857 87 79
Website: www.teenchallenge.pl