Teen Challenge Slovakia was founded in August 1995. They run a resocialization center for men called Restart. Early 2011 the accredited Children's Home Compass was established and later that year they started a re-entry.


Teen Challenge in Slovakia was founded in 1995. In 2007 the institution was transformed into a non-profit organization called Teen Challenge Slovakia n.o.

Resocialization centers
From 1996-2000 they ran a resocialization center for women, called Bethesda. In 1998, the resocialization center for men with the same name Bethesda was founded. Since 2005 it has been housed in a former primary school in a quiet part of the town Sereď. In 2007, the resocialization center for men was accredited and since 2010 it carries the name Restart.

Children's Home and re-entry
Within the non-profit organization Teen Challenge Slovakia, are also two other organizational entities operated. On 1 January 2011 the accredited Children's Home Compass was established, and on 9 September 2011 the work in the Midway sheltered accommodation Progress (re-entry) started.

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Contact Information
Teen Challenge Slovakia

Vážska 1876/38
926 01 Sereď

Phone: +421 911 150 302
Fax: +421 31 789 62 00
You Tube: Teen Challenge Slovakia

New roof for center in Slovakia

Teen Challenge Slovakia is getting a new roof for their center in Sered.

Celebration 20 years TC Slovakia

On Sunday, September 6, Teen Challenge Slovakia will celebrate it's 20th anniversary.