Teen Challenge was established in Switzerland in 1971 and is a non-profit organisation situated in Glarus, a beautiful small town in the mountains. We mainly work with mentally ill people, with former drug addicts and people with socially difficult backgrounds. Our services include two residential homes and a workshop/factory. We offer a secure and professionally run infrastructure for everyone we take care of. The reintegration of our clients and building a safe home and workplace for them is our first aim.

An interdisciplinary work field, transparency, respect and Christian values build the basis of our work. We work in a comparably small team and know our clients very well. Everyone should feel at home, loved and cared for. The two residential homes as well as our factory help a lot in stabilising clients mentally, in integrating them as best as possible and in supporting them to live mentally balanced, lively and to enjoy life.

The two residential homes offer:
  • Supported living with full service and 24h care if needed
  • Aim is to enable and teach clients to live an independent and self-determined life
  • Stabilise clients mentally
  • Different living, sport and leisure offers

The factory/workplace offers:

  • Different production work, oriented on the needs and abilities of the client
  • Job coaching

Work in production, logistics, gardening, carpentry and further more
Additional to our well established three houses, different social projects could be realised in the last years. A good example is a newly established Soli Shop, in which everyone can buy donated clothes for children and adults for a very low price.

Every day we give our best to support our clients in managing all different kinds of challenging situations in life, in order to enable them to live an independent and happy life.

Teen Challenge Switzerland has an 'Operational Concept' they would like to make available to the ETC Family, since several ETC members showed their interest at the 2018 Fall Meeting in Madrid and at the 2019 Conference in Amsterdam.

The 'Operational Concept Teen Challeng Switzerland' (pdf) can be downloaded here.

TC Switzerland also has a 'Concept Human Traficking' which will not be published on the website, but if you are intersted - and we know several ETC members are - please send an email to: admin@teenchallenge.eu.

Contact Information
Teen Challenge Switzerland

Kirchweg 86
CH-8750 Glarus

E-mail: info@teenchallenge.ch
Phone: 055 640 98 40

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